we are healed

It’s that time of year again. We break out all the pastels colours, get ready for the Easter events at church, go out and buy those wonderfully delicious Reese’s peanut butter cream eggs and try not to remember how many calories there are in one…. But, are we really remembering what – and Who – we are celebrating?


The other day I was thinking about scars.  I’m quite a clumsy person and was looking at the amount of scars I have on my body… All (for the most part) with a somewhat comical story behind it, and it reminded me of Christ, and how He humbled Himself to become a human like us, and bears many physical scars… and they are still there even today, and we will see them when He comes back again. But His scars – at least the ones I’m referring to – have such a significance and beauty behind them.


As humans, we bear scars in many different ways. Because of sin and the fall, we are scarred physically, mentally, emotionally and sadly, spiritually. Where our scars are, there once were brutal, painful wounds. Real hurts that were deep, and at the time, we thought we’d never recover from.

But in Christ, there is healing. He WILLINGLY took the fall upon Himself for us. He took our pain. He took what we deserved. He bore our sin on His shoulders so we could have new life.


Yes, we have scars, but they ultimately represent our healing that is from Christ. They are a reminder of His love – to be willing to heal them, His faithfulness – to heal them without fail, His Deity – to have the ability to heal, His saving grace and our past sin He has redeemed us from.

Christ’s scars are beautiful, because they remind us that He is our atonement for our sin, our Salvation, and the healing balm for our wounds. Where there was once pain, there is now beauty and healing.

At Easter, we celebrate this.



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