“Social Club is the Best”

Okay, so this weekend I’ve been doing a media fast, but I’m here now writing to keep up my end of the “blog about an awesome, out of the box (Christian) artist each weekend thing”. So, here it is.

Last week I covered Josh Garrels, who is much more of a folky (kind of hipster) artist. This week, I’m going to write about Social Club – who is very much a rap group… But not your typical rap group.
I found them about a year ago sometime after the release of their album “Misfits.” These guys are based out of Miami, Florida and have both been doing music for awhile, but now “MartyMar” and Fern are together, rapping and making music. And it’s fantastic.

Their music is quirky, and very different than your average “Christian rap” sterotype. These guys are hilarious – and show it in their music. They also both love Jesus an awful lot, and have had their lives completely changed by God, which is always an encouraging testimony.

A few weeks back they released their 10 track album – Misfits 2. All the songs on that album are pure gold, but the ones that are really sticking with people (based off of what I see on twitter) are Awkward 2, Coogi Sweater & Burn the Bridge. And hey, Cops is pretty good too.
(also, a slight side bar, but example of who Social Club is: after my post on my “secular media” fast, I somehow was picked to be given a copy of Misfits 2 which was such a timely blessing. Plus, gifted music is always precious.)

So, follow them on twitter & instagram, and check them out on youtube.

As their tagline goes, “Social Club is the best.” πŸ™‚



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