Goodbyes // roadtrip Day 1

Well, today is the day that we began our road trip out west! So this morning, I said goodbye to Elmira and Ontario, and “hello” to America again!

On this leg of our journey, we drove through Michigan, Ohio (my favorite of the 50 states 😉 ) and have stopped for the night in Indianapolis, Indiana… the “crossroads of America.”

During our drive, I had much time to think and reflect.,. This weekend has been filled with laundry, packing, visiting, goodbyes and farewells. It has truly made me realize what beautiful people I have in my life, and how faithful God has been to me during the course of my 19 years.

A little over four years ago, my family was called to come to, and minster to our church – Emmanuel in Elmira, Ontario. When I came to the small town of Elmira, I was just 15. Since then, by God’s grace, I’ve grown up so much (even though I know I have so far to go!) and learned tons. God is so good, and has been so faithful to me in my life.

I recently read Barnabas Piper’s book on being a PK and have also been reflecting on the points that he articulated, especially since I’m walking into a new chapter of my life where I won’t have the same expectations and responsibilities that I do have at my home church… As Barnabas so clearly points out, you do tend to live under a bit more of a “spotlight,” but that’s not an entirely bad thing. Yes, I’ve encountered “rough patches” as a PK, but wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m the young woman I am today because of my time as a PK.

This weekend, SO SHOWERED with love as I’ve been getting ready to leave and make this transition. It’s been quite humbling in fact. I love these people, and in turn, I know that I am also loved. You can be a PK and have a wonderful experience. Church people can be absolutely wonderful, and as a PK at Emmanuel, I have had the blessing of witnessing that first hand.


As for what’s been keeping me busy as we drive:

Christon Gray’s “School of Roses.” I ADORE Christon Gray’s music. Seriously. He sings, he raps, he loves God and uses his music as a ministry. You can’t go wrong! He is in my top 5 favorite artists of all time (and with my music collection, is a big deal.) My favorites of his these days have been “Vanish” and “Wanna” but there’s not a single song of his that I don’t love.

A blog post I’ve been loving for today, is one from the Desiring God blog… about using your mouth as a fountain of life. This is one of my favorite concepts, and was a greatly inspiring read!


ps: I’ll be keeping my twitter and instagram (both in the sidebar!) updated regularly, and we’re using the hashtag #courlasroadtrip2014, so look it up, and keep up with our journey! 🙂


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