Roadtrip Day 2

This morning we loaded up, said good bye to dear old Indiana, and headed to the great southwest. Today we drove through part of Illinois, the entire length of the state of Missouri, and now we’re in Oklahoma where we’ve stopped for the night.
While in Illinois, we stopped at a renowned backwoods bakery entitled “Blue Springs Café.” The thing they’re famous (and have been featured on television!) for, are their “Foot Hi Pies” ….when they say “foot hi pies,” they MEAN it. I don’t think I’ve seen a pie so huge in my life. The entire thing was absolutely delicious, and this was undeniably the best part of the trip so far for Dad. (surprise surprise 🙂 )
For lunch, we stopped in St. Louis. There were some raw emotions based on all of the upsetting news coming out of the outlying suburb of Ferguson, but it was definitely special to stop there and be able to pray for peace, justice, and the healing of Jesus Christ for the people of STL. It also happens to be a stunning city.,. The arch is even more spectacular than I even imagined!
As we trekked through Missouri, the land grew a bit wilder, and the people started looking a bit more like westerners… Then, we came upon Tulsa… a city unlike anything I’ve seen before. It is almost completely flat. It actually looks and feels the Western USA. So exciting!
Tomorrow, we’re New Mexico bound. (which requires another 10 hour day of driving.)
What I’ve been listening to today: Social Club (one of my very favorite rap groups) released their song Benjamin Trillington last night, so I had that on repeat for hours. No joke. It is a fantastic song. I love being able to listen to Social Club as they progress and grow in their music and sound!
I also listened through the majority of Jesus Freak Hideout’s compilation of 50 songs…. (Songs We’ve Been Trying to Tell You About // And Some We Haven’t) from a variety of great artists – both well known and obscure. There’s a wonderful mix of genres and artists on this compilation…. definitely some real gems! I’d highly encourage checking it out.

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