We made it!

Thursday morning we left Albuquerque, NM and drove until we finally reached our destination of Costa Mesa, California that night! After driving through it all, New Mexico is probably my favorite state we’ve seen thus far. So breathtaking. Arizona was lovely with its purple mountains and abundance of cacti, but by then, I was really just ready to get to California (and out of the van).

One thing I didn’t realize about California was how mountainous it is…You look to the left, and all you see are mountains. You look to the right, and all you see is the beach and the Pacific Ocean. It’s breathtaking. It’s also highly populated with burger joints and donut shops. (both of which are incredibly delicious. Best burgers and donuts I’ve ever had.) There also are more churches than you’d expect. It’s a bit of a Bible belt over here.

Adjusting to the new time zone has been rough… EST is 3 hours later than what it is over here. I can now get up at 6am and be quite happy and comfortable with it, but I am quite confused as to what day/time it is. Right now it feels like it should be supper time (And back home, it is.) But it actually is just 2:45 in the afternoon. I have no idea how people who constantly travel through different time zones live.

Tomorrow morning we are planning on going to two churches (an hour apart, cause we’re crazy like that 🙂 ), then in the evening, we’re heading down to Murrieta, which is where I will be attending Bible school. I move in Monday morning, and my classes begin on Thursday! I can hardly wait to begin that journey.


What we’ve been listening to since we got to California has been a mashup of Switchfoot and Esterlyn. (Both coincidentally have Calvary Chapel connections, which is also super cool.)

From Switchfoot, we’ve been especially loving Saltwater Heart… It pretty well sums up how it feels to be in California.

From Esterlyn, we’ve been loving their song Holy, and their entire “Woven” album. Their songs are well done, and solidly based in scripture.

I also personally have been enjoying Brooke Fraser’s Jack Kerouac (great for any long road trip… I absolutely adore Brooke, and find Jack Kerouac and his story fascinating, so it’s quite a perfect combination of the two.), Shawn McDonald’s World’s Apart, and William Fitzsimmon’s Lions.


One thought on “We made it!

  1. Hello Julia — So glad to hear you made it. Have a wonderful time as you meet new people and experience so many new things. ENJOY!!
    Love Auntie Sue

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