My first week at CCBC!

Yesterday marked one full week being a student here at CCBC. I said “goodbye” to my family until Christmas, and moved into my dorm at Calvary Chapel Bible College! Even since last Monday, I’ve learned so much and have grown by huge leaps and bounds. I am so expectant to see how God changes and stretches me over these next couple of months!

My week was jam packed full of orientation sessions, picking and registering for classes (which was so hard, I wanted to take them all! 🙂 ), getting introduced to my “M1” (my on campus Practical Christian Ministry opportunity), and on Thursday, starting classes!

It’s been so wonderful getting to know everyone on campus, and getting to know THE campus. It’s even more beautiful in real life than in pictures. It is serene and stunning.. a sliver of Heaven on earth!

I have been blessed with 5 amazing roommates (plus a honorary one 🙂 ) and many great friends around campus! Having 6 girls in one room can be a challenge, but by the grace of God, can be a wonderful thing. It’s a built in network of people to encourage and sharpen you!

So far, my classes have been amazing! The course offerings here are so exciting, I wish I could take them all. I’m taking Bible Study Methods, College Skills (which is a first semester requirement at CCBC), Job, John, Romans and Christian Ethics. We also have mandatory Chapels throughout the week which are such a huge blessing. 

All students serve in their respective “M1” placement for 7 hours each week. We also then has a separate time with a practical class on how to use your M1 as a service opportunity, and to actually live out Colossians 3:23. I was blessed enough to get housekeeping, which is fantastic!

Between my ministry service opportunity area, classes and homework, and fellowshipping with people around campus, my time fills up really fast! But in the best way. 🙂 I am so enjoying the people here, the new culture. People here at CCBC are so warm and welcoming!! And western USA is much different than what I am used to, but in a good way. I’m loving all these experiences!

My favorite part of my requirements as a student here has got to be Chapel. They are filled with amazing worship, prayer and a sweet time in the Word. It’s so refreshing to be able to constantly worship with fellow students. The lecture part of the chapels are also so jam packed with truth that it’s even difficult to keep up with notes!

I am so thankful to be here. I know it’s exactly where God had me for this season of my life, and I’m embracing it for all it’s worth.


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