18 d a y s

In 18 days, I gather up my belongings and will begin my trek to Bible college. My family is driving me there… enjoying some family time and exploring many beautiful states as we go.

Now in my typical nomadic-adventurous-crazy style, this particular college – Calvary Chapel Bible College – isn’t just a few hours away where I’ll be remotely close to home and can be home on weekends. My school happens to be in Murrieta Hot Springs, California.  36 hours, 3 timezones, and 2,500 miles from my family. Growing up between many states and also Ontario (where I live currently) moving isn’t something I bat an eye at. In fact, I love the feel of somewhere new. This move is one that takes me far away from my family, who I adore. I also leave behind many members of my church family who I also love. Because of those two things, this transition is somewhat bittersweet. (I mean, I’m also leaving my cat which I’m super sad about, but I didn’t think that was on the same level as leaving my sister… so I’m just mentioning it now in passing.)

I’ve had this school on my heart for years, and this is indeed where God opened doors for me. I’m taking a 2 year program studying theology, so I’ll be a student of CCBC for 4 semesters.

I can’t wait to learn and grow in the Lord and His truths. I’m so blessed and excited to have an opportunity to take 2 years of my life devoted to studying the Bible, serving in ministry, and growing in my faith. I’m also excited to go soak up a new culture. Cali is very different than anywhere I’ve ever lived… climate, people, way of life, topography even. But I’m expectant as to what God’s going to do in my life over these next few months.


If you want to find out more about the school and see where I’ll be, check out their website! http://calvarychapelbiblecollege.com/home



“Social Club is the Best”

Okay, so this weekend I’ve been doing a media fast, but I’m here now writing to keep up my end of the “blog about an awesome, out of the box (Christian) artist each weekend thing”. So, here it is.

Last week I covered Josh Garrels, who is much more of a folky (kind of hipster) artist. This week, I’m going to write about Social Club – who is very much a rap group… But not your typical rap group.
I found them about a year ago sometime after the release of their album “Misfits.” These guys are based out of Miami, Florida and have both been doing music for awhile, but now “MartyMar” and Fern are together, rapping and making music. And it’s fantastic.

Their music is quirky, and very different than your average “Christian rap” sterotype. These guys are hilarious – and show it in their music. They also both love Jesus an awful lot, and have had their lives completely changed by God, which is always an encouraging testimony.

A few weeks back they released their 10 track album – Misfits 2. All the songs on that album are pure gold, but the ones that are really sticking with people (based off of what I see on twitter) are Awkward 2, Coogi Sweater & Burn the Bridge. And hey, Cops is pretty good too.
(also, a slight side bar, but example of who Social Club is: after my post on my “secular media” fast, I somehow was picked to be given a copy of Misfits 2 which was such a timely blessing. Plus, gifted music is always precious.)

So, follow them on twitter & instagram, and check them out on youtube.

As their tagline goes, “Social Club is the best.” 🙂


May Media Fast 2k14

I don’t know about you, but one of – if not my biggest downfall in my spiritual walk is music. The majority of the battle is in our minds… And it really does matter what music we fill our minds with.


There is really nothing more in this world I love more than music… And I love all kinds of music. Classical, jazz, rap, folk, R&B, rock…. You name it, and I most likely love it. I listen to music pretty much from the time I wake up, to the time I go to sleep at night. Almost to a fault.

Over this last while I have been trying quite hard to intentionally walk closer with the Lord. Every day is a new day, and His mercies are new every morning, but each day marks a new day with new mercies, but on the flipside, it also means there is a new canvas to be filled struggle and sin.


But it’s the most interesting thing, because the more I fill my head with a nonstop “IV drip” of music that isn’t edifying (okay, secular) I can feel my heart wander. My tongue becomes harsher and sharper, my thoughts become darker and less joy-filled, the “loneliness” begins to creep in, and my desire to study and be immersed in God’s Word diminishes.

Yes, my favourite John Mayer song can always bring that momentary feeling of happiness and familiar comfort, but one song becomes another, and another, until the bold intensity of Andy Mineo, or the brightness of Phil Wickham’s music is nothing more than a distant memory.


Yet on the contrary, whenever I immerse myself in music such as worship and other music that is blatantly God glorifying, my entire worldview and thinking shifts.


So. With all this said, I would like to propose a challenge for the month of May to you, my twitter followers and readers.

For the month of May, I personally am choosing to listen to only “sacred” music. I also am going to limit my netflix and movie intake… I too often spend time watching TV when I could be spending precious time with Jesus.

In May, I am going to intentionally set my mind on Christ, and strive to become more like Him… And I’d like to invite you on this journey.

Starting May 1st, I will go on a 31 Day (Secular) Media fast with the goal to grow closer to God and through that keep a more intentionally keep a more disciplined mind and heart.

Who’s with me?


Over the past month and a half I’ve seriously considered writing a blog… and here it is! I’m so excited to see what God has in store for this. I truly hope it is a “beacon of light in the shelter of the storms of life” and an encouragement to many. Thanks for visiting! : )